Sunday, February 6, 2011

Motorola launch - Xoom Android Tablet PC / Hand set - $800

The Xoom was one of our favorite gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show last month, but there’s little chance that it will be able to take off now given the ludicrously high pricing.Additionally,Verizon is apparently forcing customers to buy data contracts when they pick up the tablet, which makes it even more expensive for those willing to pay $800.

Motorola would have been better off offering a WiFi-only unit with less storage, in addition to the flagship 32GB model, to achieve a lower price tag.Now I think most consumers will only be left with sticker shock.Since the news comes from a Best Buy sales flyer, it’s more believable than any other rumors we’ve seen before.It’s also disappointing, since the $800 price tag makes the Xoom horribly uncompetitive against the iPad or other Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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